Judge Rules White Girl Will Be Tried as a Black Adult

This is actually hilarious. Leave it to The Onion (satirical news) to draw attention to our prejudiced justice system.

The first deadbeat dad to Black children was Thomas Jefferson.

Heru the Poet

Heru and I don’t see eye-to-eye on many fundamental things, but this articulation is too provocative, too profound to go “unblogged”.

Sonic: I LOVE IT!

There you have it, a classic case of profiling, except it is not based on race, sex, or religion but rather…mortality? Good stuff.

What do I see in this commercial? Two words: Role Reversal.

Character 1: A Black, female, police officer? Yes, we know they exist in the real world but not really on TV.

Character 2: A ghost. Vampires have taken over; I’m beginning to miss the days of ghosts and goblins…but I digress. We have a ghost, presumably white male in his former life (get the joke?!)

As a woman, and a Black one at that, I can truly appreciate this commercial’s placement of Character 1 in a role of authority and power. Perhaps, what I enjoy most is the ghost’s refrain of what is often called the “Black Women’s Anthem”: “MhMMM….”

Very clever, Sonic.